Private Capital

Whether for private equity or venture capital, at Port Noir our objective is always the same: building a diversified portfolio of revenue generating and growth driven investments. We seek ambitious, skillful and like-minded partners who are experienced in their industry and invested in the future success of their business.

Private equity

While our investments are not limited by industries or size, they all have one common denominator, the opportunity for capital efficient, sustainable and long-term growth.

Steady growth is achieved by collaborations with handpicked market leaders and dedicated managers. Our belief is that in addition to generating great returns, the end game is creating value for society.

Venture Capital

As a family-owned investment company we have wide investment horizons. Our drive comes from the entrepreneurs and founders who decide to start a venture; and this extends to the fund managers we invest through.

Quite simply we look for people with similar philosophies. We invite them to tap into our resources, capital and expertise to achieve successful results in healthy environments.

100+ General partners

1000+ underlying investments

30+ Direct Investments

Agile Investment Process

Long term Approach to investment